Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Law School Style

Law school is not quite the fashionistas playground that is portrayed in Legally blond. 
Anyone dressed in a suit, you know has a competition or an interview and is not wearing it for sheer fashion's sake. Nor are we bombarded with Vivienne Kensingtons, strings of pearls and all.
For me a standard days outfit looks something like this (obviously not all at once). It is usually about comfort, and weather-proof-ness (as Sussex is near the coast we get the full force of Britains stormy weather.

 Gilet //  Wellies //  Jumper // pixie pants // wax jacket // chelsea boots// murfee scarf // oxford shirt

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Weekly Favourites

This past week feels so long, I think its because I am due to a 'half term' (oh long gone are the days of school holidays). Thankfully I am due to visit home in a couple of weekends :) The week started out with the first of a new law school competition 'legal debating', I competed on Wednesday (after having my team-mate drop out last minute), and I really enjoyed it (much more than mooting as it is less formal). Tuesday was chaotic, 2 lectures, 2 seminars and a law society meeting (I was ready to drop by Wednesday). However, without further ado here are this weeks favourites

- Cinnamon Apple Crisps- Seriously these are amazing, I usually don't like crisps, so when I found out I had won this competition I anticipated donating the crisps to my flatmates, but this crisps are made from apple in instead of potato slices, and they are so scrumptious.
- Wellies (see my post from earlier this week. Britain is in the middle of major storm weather, as a Brighton is right on the coast we get hit will the full force of the storm. Over the past couple weeks my wellies have become a staple to my wardrobe.
- Cake, Cake, Cake- I love to bake, but since being at university I have had limited time/resources to do so . I you guys could see my kitchen you would understand why I hate going in there *Shivvers*. However, as valentines day was during this week I though I would take the time to make a cake for my other half and have gone on since to make 2 other cakes.

What are you guys loving this week ??

Rebecca Elizabeth

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wonderful Wellies

The weather here in Sussex recently has been pretty atrocious, and the route to the law school is at the top a hill that is more like a waterfall when the heavens open.

See, exhibit A below - a standard rainy day attempt to stay in a building for as long as possible. 

However,groggy the weather may be.It is the perfect excuse to g out my favourite wellies. I picked up these darling wellies last Christmas during the sales (of course they are purple)

Do you have a favouite pair of wellies (or winter shoes) ??

Rebecca Elizabeth

Monday, 10 February 2014

Lilly Lovin'

The new Lilly Pulitzer spring collection is out. There are bright colours and cute prints a plenty. PLus they have brought back the Kat kitten heels, which are my all time favourite shoes and an absolute must have(but be aware they sell out very quickly.
I feel like I always prefer Lilly's spring and summer collections to their autumn and winter ones, perhaps because I am more of a spring/summer girl. 
Below are some of my favourite items available this season.
Key-ring /// Scarf /// Bag /// Dress

What is your favourite item from Lilly this spring?

Rebecca Elizabeth


P.S If you live outside the US/Canada and are looking to buy Lilly Pulitzer I would wholeheartedly recommend the pink pelican. As a small boutique they are very good at dealing with international orders, in particular with regards to dealing with taxation issues. I have always used them for my Lilly orders and could not be happier (plus the freebies they add-in help.

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Friday, 7 February 2014

First Class challenge update 2

My January exam and essay results were out today. Though they are not perfect I am pleased to say I passed them all :)

English Legal system portfolio- 80% (this had unusual marking where unlike all other pieces it was possible to get 100%)
ELS- Case note 72%  - meaning I got 74% overall in ELS
Contract essay - 68%
Tort exam 68%
Public Law essay - 60%

Averaging them out based of their credit weighting I got an average of 70% which is dot-on a first. At first I felt a little disheartened,  I was once again reminded by a friend of mine the difference between the marking in arts and science subjects, where in the latter it is possible to get full marks. 
This comment by my lecturers on the general feed back summed it up pretty well.

The #firstclasschallenge is still in full force, and the aim for next term is to get a first, not only overall but in every module.
Having made a pact with my friend to fulfill this challenge. I am setting a number of goals to work towards during the term.
1. Ensure I do all of the secondary reading for seminars- there is often a lot, but if it means starting seminar prep a week before to be on top of it all then so be it.
2. Read more in general. Something I really want to improve is my vocabulary and written english, and what better way to improve them than by reading more (and not just academic reading but reading for pleasure)
3. Start early. I know how long it took me to revise for the tort exam in January, but in the summer I will have 4 much bigger exams. Therefore, I need to start compiling notes and revising much earlier, in order to cover all of the topics.

How did your January results go, for those of you signed up to the #firstclasschallenge I would to hear about your progress? 

Rebecca Elizabeth

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Ballet Shoes || The dream of dance

I have recently taken up ballet classes, after becoming slightly obsessed with dance related TV (I have dance moms, and ;so you think you can dance' to blame for the obsession).  I realised that as part of my gym membership I have access to a number of sport classes including dance classes, so there really was no reason not to go.
As a former gymnast I have done some 'dance' in the past, but I am not a naturally elegant person. However, flexibility, in particular back flexibility come very naturally to me giving me an advantage. I am really enjoying the opportunity to take my mind of my studies whilst doing something structured. 

Pointy toes :)  and my very small (size 3.5) feet

Have you taken up any new hobbies recently?

Rebecca Elizabeth

Saturday, 1 February 2014

Weekly favourites

This past week has been pretty busy, classes and seminars are picking up. Extracurricualrs are getting more demanding and the library is becoming my first (rather than second home). 
[a rather deserted library on a Saturday afternoon]

Song// Birdy- Shelter- I had forgotten how much I love B's music until I was watching a gymnastics montage (yes that is where more of my youtube time goes) which featured her song. This song definitely  puts me in a calm mood when studying and is a well deserved addition to my 'studying' playlist which I like to alternate between and classic Fm when studying depending on if I have to read articles/books (when I need songs without lyrics)

I wholeheartedly agree with Amy about moleskins and have my own mini obsession going on. Their quality surpasses that of any other notebook I have used. 

This week's episode of dance moms was amazing, as a huge Nia/Holly fan I was so happy to see her in a leading role of the group performance. I feel like this season could be the best one yet :). I have recently taken up ballet , which for a girl with the grace of an elephant is quite a feat. However, I am enjoying it much more than I anticipated and have found my self spending hours watching dance programs and documentaries. On that note if you haven't watched 'first position' I would highly recommend this dance doc, it is sheer perfection both cinematically and in content.

Next week seems unlikely to be any quieter, but hey ho at least another episode of dance moms is out :)

How has your week been??

Rebecca Elizabeth